Early College High Schools (ECHS)


By blending high school and college coursework, ECHS gives students, particularly historically underserved and at-risk students the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit (60 hours), tuition-free, while earning a high school diploma. The The Texas Education Agency (TEA) launched the initiative to increase the college readiness of students across Texas by providing rigorous instruction and coursework as well as academic and social support. Early College High Schools provide students with highly personalized attention and encourage lasting relationships with teachers and classmates. The experience creates a college-like culture that encourages students to continue their higher education journey.

 School Profile


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 The ECHS Blueprint

The TEA developed a roadmap of benchmarks and program requirements that are essential to the model’s success. Each benchmark is a consideration for designation as an ECHS campus, and must be included as part of the application. Click the buttons below to view the ECHS Blueprints.

For information on ECHS designation: https://ccrm.stemcenter.utexas.edu/