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Texas Education Code 29.908 says that Texas ECHS programs, “must include articulation agreements with colleges, universities, and technical schools in this state to provide a participating student access to postsecondary education and training opportunities.” The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) serves as this articulation agreement. MOUs help maximize an ECHS’s chance of success by formalizing the school district-IHE partnership in the following areas:

  • General operating procedures: defines the roles, responsibilities and financial obligations of each partner.

  • Use of facilities: in Texas, an ECHS campus can be in a new or existing building, by itself, or as a campus within a campus. ECHS students also need permission to access partner IHE campuses. The MOU outlines how space is allocated and shared.

  • Course articulation: establishes policies for matching and transferring coursework between the partners, as well as ongoing procedures for reviewing courses that may be counted for dual credit.

  • TEA’s downloadable “Guidance for Early College High Schools: Memorandum of Understanding” is an essential resource for ECHS planning teams.