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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. The campus is moving toward students having the opportunity for an Associates' Degree

2. Also, the campus is moving toward students having an endorsements and certifications for all students.

3. The campus is moving toward STEM by creating a Makers' Space and by adding additional STEM courses from Brookhaven Community College.

4. The 8th students are expected to be college ready as a group before they reach the high school. They are testing multiple times.

5. The middle school students (8th) are doing pre-registration for Brookhaven before they reach the high school.

Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

1. The school is aware as a campus that they are a T-STEM School. A T-STEM culture has been created by their leader.

2.There is a STEM Advisory Board in place. A breakfast will open the year for the community leaders, parents, involved. 

3. The Advisory Boards the school in their decision to have a STEM summer bridge program.

4. On the advisory they are working to have a representative for each field/pathway.

5. Their is a flexibility allowed with curriculum and instruction around STEM practices. PBL is required by each student at varying levels.

Describe certifications
None at this time
Describe degrees
None at this time
What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

1. Guidance in promoting the STEM culture and how to find additional help from other schools.


What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. Almost all teachers at the high school are teaching 30 hours and multiple preparations. The middle school has one preparation in most cases and 30 hours. This results in the lack of someone to plan with in the same subject area weekly. This is a problem to solve by talking with other schools, and visits to other schools.

2. This is a calm school environment. The schedule is ready ahead of time. STEM teachers has less hours because of their lab preparation. (Ex. Engineering has 20 hours) Because of PLTW, the teacher must follow the curriculum and the lab set up is required. 

What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. The schedule is beginning to come under control and create a sound organizatonal pattern for the school.

2. The challenge is to get the stakeholders involved in support their student and also the school in many ways that they are able to help.


School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - describe
PLTW is used for middle school and the high school. Teachers also received support under their District Instructional Coach and their Administrators with PLCs and meetings around curriculum and instruction.
School uses technology effectively - describe
The entire school has their chrome book available--middle school, classroom sets. Each high school student is allowed to check out one and to return at the end of the school.
School develops and offers valuable Work-Based Experiences and Internships - describe
There are none available at this time, but the Advisory Board and the Leadership are beginning the discussion.
School promotes an effective Advisory Board Make Up and Work - describe
Members of the board represent most areas of the pathways. They are community and business leaders from Carrollton. They are plan for the principal to visit the mayor to introduce the programs available, the students' success, and a tour of the school with student involvement.
School offers effective Student Support and Academic Counseling - describe
Every student in the school gets counseling time with the Dean of academics and the counselors around college guidance and academics and extracurricular activities. This becomes more intense at the higher grade level such as: filling out financial aid, applications to colleges, applying for scholarships, and students who are undocumented are given support to apply for financial aide, (TSTASFA.) The parent support is a great part of this effort especially for first generation students.
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
There is a low number for the teacher turnover as a result of the support given to the teaching staff at this school. Staff development is supported at the District level and also at the campus level by specific needs.
School employs effective Dual Credit/AP/IB Policies and Procedures - describe
There are more than 14 courses offered on the campus by professors from Brookhaven as well as their own teachers who have their Master's Degree teaching for the campus and for the college--Brookhaven's curriculum.
School effectively implements DC/AP/IB - please evaluate and describe success/challenges with implementation - describe
Dual credit is in place along with AP courses. This can be seen in the information submitted previously.
School offers effective Bridge Program(s) - describe
The summer bridge program offers a two day program for 6th and 9th--a PBL, a separate problem for each. Expectations were covered with presentations to get them prepared for the next grade level. They explained the value of STEM education.
School offers valuable Internship Opportunities - describe
not yet
School offers effective Student Capstone Projects - describe
AP requires a Capstone project for each student.
School offers effective Mentoring Program(s) - describe
TEachers are mentored if they are new to Harmony or teaching. Student programs such as the NHS , FBLA, CRLP, offer programs that help other students. Student Counsel in middle and high school serve in various capacities. The high school students created a tutoring program with a teacher in the room to help younger students.
School offers engaging and effective Academic Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities - describe
Robotics, computer club, Solar Car Team, Engineering Club, Math Counts, Math Olympiad Team, Science clubs, middle and high school.
Describe IHE Partners and level of support including use of facilities

The IHE partner is Brookhaven and they are thoroughly involved in the school. There are 14 classrooms used at various times on the campus. There is liaison from the college who has helped to get professors to the school to teach as a result of a partnership.

School provides purposeful and effective Program Pathways (with key courses) - describe

Computer Science with PLTW, Bio-medical with PLTW, Engineering with PLTW, Criminal Justice with University of North Texas Curriculum. Every possible student has a pathway or endorsement that can lead to an associate's degree or a certification with endorsement. The hope is that every student in the future will be able to continue their education as a result of this plan. 

Describe established workforce/industry partnerships and level of support

They have parents who support the robotics team who are engineers, and multiple parents help with introductions to careers on their career days. These same parents are a group that continues to be ready to serve in the school, and in the Advisory Board as needed. This definately is a goal to find an involved workforce partner.

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Program 16-17 SAT Average (#)
Program 16-17 ACT Average (#)
Program 16-17 AP Course Credit Awarded (# hours)
Program 16-17 DC Course Credit Awarded (# hours)
Program 16-17 Students taking TSI math (#)