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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. Dual Credit --Get sequence and courses offered for Dual Credit. Signed an MOU with Collin College (easier than Richland) The goal is to offer an Associates Degree--9th, and 10th grade students. Has been shared with students and parents. Started home visits. 30% of grade levels are done. Administsrative Team will make home visits. And they will invite the teachers to come. Activity Coordinator coordinates the visits, especially high school. Hired an alumni Grow Your Own Teacher Program--counselor to visit the classrooms (9-11 during Advisory . Just started last week.  Now Harmony offering scholarship for kids becoming teachers. Two year committment to teach. Accomplished during first two months that he is here at the new school.

2. AP--Offering previously only 5. Now offering 5, but College Counselor met with teachers to offer 13 AP to establish who will teach what. Updating Navience--8 to 12, graduation plans will be reviewed for all students to include parents (graduation meetings) completed this semester in order to update budget discusssion. 

3. Middle School Goal--Offering one elective for middle school, exempting all students who have STARR with commended score from acceleration lab. Would like to offer to more so also TSI, MAPS scores, teacher recommendation. There will be more recommended to take new elective. PLTW for middle school to all grade levels, Design and Modeling, 7 Automation and Robotics, 8 APP Creators. First Advisory Board meeting--survey middle school parents, kids, and staff in one month --present to them about PLTW, based on their suggestions. What courses should we offer around STEM? like bio-medical. Open discussion to all. Will come together and decide around survey. Last year Advisory Board, based on their suggestions, saw the impact of their work taking information.

Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

1. Introducing the entire staff, parents and students to the Blueprint and the power of the opportunity it gives the students.

2. Using the experience of another T-STEM school and the use of the Blueprint to develop this school and students to their highest potential. 

3. Using the Advisory Board, the parents, the knowledge and experience of these plus the staff to build the buy-in for the entire campus to support T-STEM and future of these kids.

All of this has happened in the first two months...

What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

1. Continue to look for partnerships around STEM that would allow Business to continue toward building a strong STEM program.

2. The challenge is to find certified teachers--In order to enhance the curriculum, more partnerships are required. Would like to activate and galvanize the Advisory Board with ideas and possibilities for the students on this campus.

3. Facility is good, with labs, gym and soccer fields. Need more advertisement because of losing populations --200 students were lost last year. Possible brainstorming of ways to attract the best and the brightest--all kids are welcome.

4. Share CTE certifications and Associates Degree Jack Singley

What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. CTE Pathways--using the PLTW training for all courses. Business pathway--curriculum is ok but resources is ok. 

2. Talking with seniors next door sharing their business experience. Teachers have selected topics they want addressed by these seniors. Called "Senior Talks". Examples are Time Management, Introduction to Leadership, setting and reaching goals, working together effectively, Communication and personal effectiveness, Conflict Management, STrategic Thinking and planning, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Building Leadership.

3. Makerspace lab next year, depends upon funding and resources--

What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. Course offerings are not in a sequence. Students are not qualifying for opportunities because courses out of sequence. Students have left as a result. 

2. Certified or trained teachers for classes must be updated to meet possible plans for the future.

3. Resources --Now only offer one elective in middle school because of funding. Had to lower expectations. Need a class set. Students much share materials for this elective. Same at high school for CTE pathways. (Engineering, biomedical --lab materials are being shared rather than each have his own. 

4. Have all textbooks but need lab supplies and materials for experiments and projects. 

5. Campus has many clubs, Robotics, Cyber Security--not able to order supplies, materials to teach. Using group sets. 4-8th grade sharing. Best practice only two students share.

School develops and offers valuable Work-Based Experiences and Internships - describe
Not yet
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
65% of teachers and staff 6-12 are new to this campus. Therefore need a great deal of training. Principal is coordinating with Department Chairs to find out needs, and challenges and budget is strained. At end of second semester, may possibly release funds.
School employs effective Dual Credit/AP/IB Policies and Procedures - describe
Currently they are involved in building a Dual Credit program that will take each Pathway to either an associate's degree or to a certification that allows students to continue to work to complete their degree. Current taking 8th Alg. to offer Geometry during the summer. Offered Credit by exam. They will get a credit. Starting 9th grade. Exempt from Geometry at 9th. Offered more advanced courses. With Collin courses they will get offered specialized courses--they will provide a specialist in counseling to help them decide. Ex. Engineering, Business, or higher level courses based on their interests. Student can take on-line or send a professor or evening courses.
School effectively implements DC/AP/IB - please evaluate and describe success/challenges with implementation - describe
Walked in this morning and entire high school was testing with the PSAT.
School offers effective Bridge Program(s) - describe
Discussed last week to build the same Bridge program. encouraged beCAUSE parents are more involved. Offer Geometry during summer. Rather than remediation, we will focus on acceleration.
School offers valuable Internship Opportunities - describe
The Mayor's intern opportunity will start next semester. Practice interviews are planned for next semester.
School offers effective Student Capstone Projects - describe
Not currently
School offers effective Mentoring Program(s) - describe
Currently ESL students have intervention through math.
Officers are coming out through DPD for small group breakout sessions.(high school)
SPED students are served through ENVO for counseling and intervention.
School offers engaging and effective Academic Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities - describe
24 activities are offered after school to visual arts club, robotics FLL, and VEX Robotics VEX IQ, Math Club,
School provides purposeful and effective Program Pathways (with key courses) - describe

Engineering is phasing out Cysco to go PLTW

PLTW is Bio-medical science


These will each lead to a certification or the possibility of an associates degree in the future.

Describe established workforce/industry partnerships and level of support

Working with PLTW, UTD, but the future will involve planning with the Advisory Board.

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Program 16-17 SAT Average (#)
Program 16-17 AP Course Credit Awarded (# hours)
Program 16-17 Students taking TSI math (#)