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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. Last year there were no students with an Associate's Degree. This year the school will have 15% graduate with an Associate's Degree.

2. The goal is to increase the reading scores for all students by using Myon-a reading program. The diagnostic test shows improvement. 

3. AP passing scores will increase from 40% to 55%.

Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

1. The Leadership Team meets weekly to identify areas of need and to begin to work to accomplish them with Action Steps.

2. There is a great partnership for IHE colleges in the area. They have met all requests. 

3. STARR passing scores are above the state and district average. 

4. The school has a great opportunity with so many students working at the highest level of performance. An example is that these students come into the school below great level, and with 80% below level on lexile reading scores. They see the result of their improvement with 48% of the high school taking and doing well in a dual credit course.

Describe certifications
They are in the process of looking at various certifications that can come through their pathways. Contact is being made with Region X service center. Currently there is a certification program for 9th grade with ITSC--computer certification.
Describe degrees
This year the expectation is that 6 students will graduate with a high school degree and an associate's degree
What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

1. The coach will help with working on establishing successful PLC's. 

2. The coach will help with increasing the reading scores for more commended students.

3. The coach will work to increased the number of students passing AP with a 3+. 

What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. Make sure that there is a representative on the Advisory Board for each pathway.


What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. The challenge for the high school is to get more students to the commended level. PreAP classes have started in high school and middle school. 18% of the students are commended in reading and below the Harmony average at 22%, and 22% in math and 26% in the Harmony average. 5% were commended in writing. The plan is first to make each student aware of how many questions he/she was away from commended last year.

2. Right now more than 50% of the high school takes Dual Credit courses. We hope to have 100% graduate with an Associate's Degree.

3. PLTW and CT courses are in need of training to continue. 


School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - describe
The school is giving the entire school--8th through 11--the PSAT. This allows all students to have experience with the SAT. In addition, On-Ramps is available for junior advanced students in English.
School uses technology effectively - describe
The labs use software to allow the students to be self-paced. In addition they expect projects to reflect the use of research and for students to be well beyond learning only platforms.
School develops and offers valuable Work-Based Experiences and Internships - describe
This is only beginning here.
School promotes an effective Advisory Board Make Up and Work - describe
The school is just beginning with an Advisory Board for the second year made up of parents, teachers, and administrators. This is their second year and a push to find a representative for each Pathway to an Associate Degree.
School offers effective Student Support and Academic Counseling - describe
Every student is given effective counseling for college preparation --One by One, and also group counseling through Advisory Period and throughout the year. There is a really strong connection to the parent, and seminars are offered for college information. This continues throughout the years for college application, FAFSA, four-year plans, graduation plans, Dual Credit, and pathway information is included. A College Readiness Leadership Program continues the entire year. Students meet in small group with their mentors (teachers who volunteer). Teachers help them to follow up on their grades and follow through with expectations for an hour weekly to include SAT prep on Saturdays.Parents also have use of Navience.
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
Teacher training is a top priority for Staff Development. This year the school uses uses Bloomboard as online professional development. PlC's are working as well. This happens every Wednesday after school.
School employs effective Dual Credit/AP/IB Policies and Procedures - describe
In the high school there are more than 48% of the students involved in Dual Credit courses. A partnership with Brookhaven has allowed the students opportunities with professors on the campus. 134 students are involved in this project.
School effectively implements DC/AP/IB - please evaluate and describe success/challenges with implementation - describe
AP classes are in place and have increased since last year. The results were not outstanding, but the leadership of Mr. Gecit has included individual conferences with teachers to encourage and support the teachers to bring the students to a higher level of performance. As stated above over 48% of the students take dual credit courses.
School offers effective Bridge Program(s) - describe
Robotics was offered for 7th grade last summer for students new to the campus. Their focus is out of need for acceleration rather than intervention.
School offers valuable Internship Opportunities - describe
The Advisory Board is working to include representatives from every Pathway. This will mean an opportunity for internship in the future. This will be the second year for the board.
School offers effective Student Capstone Projects - describe
All students must present a PBL but at varying levels of performance. This is in the process of changing to challenge students to research and present at the highest level as the result of their learning about a particular field. Discussion continues about bringing more students to a level of performance in line with a Capstone Project.
School offers effective Mentoring Program(s) - describe
First, the teachers who are new to teaching or to Harmony are given a mentor and this process is on-going in terms of building effective teachers. Presently there are 8 teachers receiving support. For the students, there is a outstanding program in which teacher volunteers meet with selected students one hour a week in order to help the students grow academically. The students also take the SAT preparation course on Saturday.
School offers engaging and effective Academic Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities - describe
Some examples are: Robotics, Math Counts, programming, Sign language, Key Club, tutoring, Health Occupations for Future health professionals is also offered. Also, War Games, AP Tutoring, and Journalism is offered.
Describe IHE Partners and level of support including use of facilities

See above for the description of these amazing partners and all they have offered--Brookhaven and Richland.

School provides purposeful and effective Program Pathways (with key courses) - describe

There is a great partnership offered from Brookhaven and Richland Colleges who have been helpful in building a large Dual Credit program around the Pathways. Three Ph.D. instructors on staff are teaching English, and Social Studies. Eleven professors come and offer classes that are in line with the Pathways and head toward an Associate's Degree. Over half of the school is being challenged in these classes. 

The TSI is being offered once in 8th grade, and then in every high school grade as needed and requested.

Describe established workforce/industry partnerships and level of support

Through the Advisory Board, the principal is beginning to pool a group of parents working in fields related to the schools need for particular expertise in the World of Work. A parent has helped with an introduction to AT&T. An executive has visited and they are in the process of talking about this partnership.

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Program 16-17 AP Course Credit Awarded (# hours)