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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. To increase to  80 % for college enrollment  in two years by creating more dual credit courses that lead to an associates' degree and/or certification. 

2. 65% will be STEM by increasing electives in the STEM field and increasing teachers' higher educatiion toward a Master's Degree so that they may teach on the campus.

3. 90% College Readiness by increasing TSI readiness classes from middle into high school, as well as number of times to test, Also, the focus will be on bridge opportunties to include middle into high school as well as high school into college. 


Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

The Leadership Team has been the focus of this campuses' strength, and direction for multiple years as the result of leadership by the principal. There is a strong Advisory Board in place for multiple years to include local businesses as well as higher education. There will be program to show the students projects and presentations on previous achievements. The classroom has showed to increase the focus on PBL's at multiple levels. This year the seniors will have an opportunity through Bio-Medical for a Capstone Project. For the business pathway, there will a Practicum in Business Management so that students will work with local businesses in an internship. The transition from 8th grade to high school is a focus by individual meetings with parents. 97% of the students had meetings with the parents for their graduation plan by the counselors. The pathway fair for the students and the parents' night has allowed the students and parents to gather information from the Pathway teachers and the opprtunities for their future. This will include an opporutnity to show students the link between interests (interest inventory) and opportunties in the workforce. CHAMPS training this year has resulted in an opportuntiy for the staff to increase their level of teaching ability within the classrooms by sharing methods and a focus on student engagement. 

What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

1. Dual Credit pathways opened and aligned with MCC for every students to have either an Associates' Degree or a certification upon graduation that provides a job.

2. Find a coding curriculum for the teachers from 9 through 12 (to create classes in sequence for students) and the teacher training to go with i plus the certification to go with it for the students.

3. Continue to search for other T-STEM academies that are ahead in the area of Dual Credit. 


What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. In order to keep up with the demands of technology changing, there is a tremendous need for additional resources in the area of middle schools. Currently they are sharing on carts. Eighth grade students specifically need their own computer to access programs for college placement and TSI resources so they will be ready to access programs available at the high school level. 

2. Robotics has a particular need for a room to house their programs.

3. Continue to look for resources aorund a Makerspace. 

What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. This is brand new campus tha is opening this year. The funding is not complete to accomplish all the expectations. Therefore, a plan is developing through the Advisory Board to address this issue. 

2. More than 65% of the campus is low income. Recources are necessary to accelerate these students to the level to be college ready. As a result of this, the school provides multiple services for parents and student such as Navience. 

3. Staffing is needed to address after school tutoring with adult supervision. 

4. The library needs to be staffed along with the hardware that allows students access to research material for their PBL progjects. 

School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - please evaluate and describe
Strongly Agree
School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - describe
As a result of the Champs training
School uses technology effectively - describe
Individual teachers are progressing on this.
School offers effective Student Support and Academic Counseling - describe
Lead Mentorship Program is offered through the Chamber of Commerce. Six mentors are working with 15 students for a period of three years.
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
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