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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. The goal is for all students to be college ready. The focus will be to increase the seniors to be college ready from 55% last year with a goal of 75% for this year. Students are passing and can enter college but are having to do remedial courses.  This goal will start at the middle school level with acceleration by consideration to test with the TSi in middle school, opening the campus on Saturday for testing with the 9th grade. 

2. Develop Pathways into an Associate's Degree with Austin Community College and/or for a certificate that allows them to work and continue college. Staff are encouraged to complete their Master's Degree and/or higher degree by giving scholarships. Harmony Employee Education Program. This will allow the staff to teach college courses through ACC.

3. Develop the classrooms technology to update teaching stations that will include presentation stations. 


Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

1. The Advisory Committee is in place and becoming more active with input from community members.

2. Dual credit courses are increasing in number with the goal being to design the pathway to lead to an Associate's Degree. 

3. The Federal Government gave a TIF grant where a teacher receives a bonus as a result of being a Title I school. 

What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

1. Continue to build Pathways that will lead students to an Associate's Degree. 

2. Continue to build a Pathway where every student will have either a certificate or two years of college.

3. The coach will continue to bring methods of staff development to raise levels of student engagement.

What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. Technology is still a need for this campus with increasing enrollment and a large population of low income students. The staff has visited Jack Singley and purchased technology tools as a result of that visit. 

What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. The leadership team will continue to problem solve for increasing enrollment and low income students' particular needs for acceleration. 

2. The leadership team will continue to develop pathways for all students to enter college at graduation. 

3. As technology continues to change, the team will look for ways to update technology and the use of technology. 

School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - describe
1. The teachers have begun to assign the PBl projects, and the science fair projects. The science and math teachers work together to engage every student in a project.
2. The school is working to encourage better planning (Biology) so that the teachers use the PLC time to greatest advantage.
School uses technology effectively - describe
1. The labs are used for acceleration, and to increase their ability in any area needed.
School develops and offers valuable Work-Based Experiences and Internships - describe
There is a goal to do this and will use the Advisory Committee to develop this.
School offers effective Student Support and Academic Counseling - describe
The counselors work with the seniors as a priority with the senior class--the largest class in the history of the school. All students are using the Navience-- for college applications.
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
1. Harmony has a program to encourage teachers to continue with their degree.
School employs effective Dual Credit/AP/IB Policies and Procedures - describe
1. The school leadership team is continueing to look for ways to develop pathways into a certification and/or a college degree through ACC.
School offers effective Bridge Program(s) - describe
Students are enrolled in a summer program for

School offers effective Mentoring Program(s) - describe
UT provides mentoring program
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