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Describe campus/program, goals, and theory of change

1. Recruit students so that the school remains open and not lose the high school.

2. There needs to be more classes with active learning--CTE, labs, Dual Credit, 

3. The school needs career pathways, certifications for jobs so that when they go to college they can get a job that will pay for college. 

Describe Blueprint Benchmark strengths

1. Advisory Team is in place for the second year. 

2. The staff is aware that they are T-STEM and continue to work on strengths and weaknesses.

3. Students were involved in a grant effort this summer--Summer Research Program. KDK Harmon Foundation funded the summer program for $25000. One of the students got first place in the state wide summer fair. Two teams advanced to the international science fair. One student participated in a competition--Junior Science Humanities Symposium--hosted by A& M. Robotics team FLL for the middle school was first in their competition--Regional

Describe certifications
None have been awarded.
Describe degrees
None have been awarded.
What areas of interest do you have for Technical Assistance (up to 3 areas, rank in order of importance)?

.1. There is a need of instructional materials for non-core subjects, resources. 

2. Find the grant opportunities to fund these same efforts. 

3. Continue to focus on practices of high performing schools. 

What tools or resources would be valuable to your campus to support your implementation of the blueprint?

1. Instructional materials that would benefit active learning would support the implementation of the Blueprint. 

2. Building community relations through the Advisory Board.

3. There are a needs such as engineering robotics materials that would support the teachers' efforts.

What have been your challenges and how have you addressed them?

1. Maintaining student numbers is a critical issue right now. They continually address the successes to the parents and the students.

2. There is an effort to establish a positive culture for the school.

3. Events that other schools have are being considered--Prom, and homecoming.

School uses Innovative Instructional Strategies (i.e. PBL, CIF, PLTW, Rounds, New Tech) - describe
There is one teacher to teach one subject on the campus.
School uses technology effectively - describe
The technology has aged since Race To The Top has run out. So there are computers to be repaired, and replaced.
School develops and offers valuable Work-Based Experiences and Internships - describe
Discussion will begin in the Advisory Board
School promotes an effective Advisory Board Make Up and Work - describe
The Advisory Board is made up a mixture of parents in various fields. They need to be more involved with the plan for the school.
School offers effective Student Support and Academic Counseling - describe
The school provides counselors who have one on one meetings with the parents and students during the school year. The school will get an additional counselor to speak to the students. There is an open door between the administrative staff and the students to support them.
School employs effective Teacher and Staff Development Plan - describe
Harmony provides support through their walk throughs, and staff development focuses on specific areas of concern from the teachers.
School employs effective Dual Credit/AP/IB Policies and Procedures - describe
There is an on-going conversation with ACC after going to visit other T-STEM schools, Jack Singley in Irving.
School effectively implements DC/AP/IB - please evaluate and describe success/challenges with implementation - describe
There are 8 AP Classes. There is conversation betwenn ACC and the high school to set up more dual credits classes.
School offers effective Bridge Program(s) - describe
The administrative staff is working on a plan to gather information about the greatest needs.
School offers valuable Internship Opportunities - describe
The staff is on hold with this as consideration for a closing of the high school is being considered.
School offers effective Student Capstone Projects - describe
The Engineering/Physics teacher is working to create Capstone Projects for his students.
School offers effective Mentoring Program(s) - describe
There is a teacher mentor program through out the school year iwht the counselors.
School offers engaging and effective Academic Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities - describe
After school frisby, engineering, fishing, sports, robotics, book blub, gardening.
Describe IHE Partners and level of support including use of facilities

At the present this is a conversation between ACC and the high school. 

School provides purposeful and effective Program Pathways (with key courses) - describe

This is in progress and in discussion with ACC. 

Describe established workforce/industry partnerships and level of support

Career Fair will come up on the first, a mixsture of industry and college.

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